Friday, October 22, 2010

Wow, That Was A Long Break

So here's the problem with building guitars -- you start playing them.  It seems that one thing led to another and my time in the shop started to give way to time with the axe.  The things that I did build were either duplicate pieces to round out a set, or items in the same motif that didn't provide enough interest.  I also had some major landscaping projects and an exterior spiral staircase walkway that is in process.

But enough excuses!  I'm back in the shop and have several projects on tap that should spark some conversation.  First, I'm looking at building three shaker tables of differing styles, (all with turned pedestals, some with drawers) doing some steam bending, and continuing to increase my knowledge of Japanese furniture design.

Above you see my new Mike Wenzloff Carcass saw (rip) designed to hand-cut larger tenons (for doors and larger shoji.)  The kit was pretty straightforward and, as you can see, I chose to go pretty simple with the handle carving.  Anyway, thanks for hanging in there, and I'm looking forward to a good season of furniture building.


  1. I wondered where you went, but fully understand about the guitar. I wish I could play. Welcome back.

  2. Thanks Jeff. Your blog looks great by the way. I'm doing some blog admin stuff this afternoon and I'll put it on my blog list.

  3. thanks jeff. your post very nice